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Epigenetic Biomarker Analysis

EpiKid: Diagnostic assay detecting the exposure to prenatal adverse events in infants and newborns

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About Us

EBA is a biotechnology startup on the cutting-edge of diagnostic technologies and services. EBA is currently developing an epigenetic diagnostic tool to be used by clinicians to analyze prenatal adverse exposures in infants and newborns. Founded by a collaborative, international group of scientists, EBA is backed by a combined 100+ years of skill and expertise in the fields of genetics and epigenetics.

Our team has technical expertise in both molecular biology and data analysis, making EBA perfectly positioned to develop these diagnostic tools.  Get in touch today to learn more about the Epigenetic Biomarker Analysis story.

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EpiKid is diagnostic test of epigenetic signatures of adverse factors exposure

Our test analyzes over 800,000 points within the genome to assess for any adverse prenatal exposures to infants and newborns. These exposures could be nutritional imbalances, maternal smoking, maternal stress, maternal alcohol consumption, and many others. The test also utilizes non-invasive techniques, prioritizing the health and safety of the newborn.

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